Enthuse! - Inspire! - Rejuvenate!

Breathing new perspectives into people and organizations, igniting the flame for further learning and growing is the purpose of a motivational speaker. The goal is to connect at a level in which lasting impact is made and, thought provoking questions are asked allowing one’s own contemplation and stirring to begin.

This is when the vibrancy of change comes alive.


Igniting Audiences

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily.

- Zig Ziglar


Profound things can happen here!

I conduct a pre-interview to understand both the corporate culture and your specific industry and customize my keynote addresses to ensure the messaging supports the overall vision and strategy of the organization.

I also perform a post-interview where I offer ideas on how to keep the key messages alive in the organization and capitalize on the groundswell of empowered thinking that surfaces as the result of the session.

A sampling of ‘Ignition Talks’:

  • Servant Leadership  - Who Really is in Charge Around Here?
  • Steer it, Don’t Fear it - Taking an Active Role in your Future
  • LifeBoarding 101 - Riding the Waves of Uncertainty
  • Talent Show - Unveiling Hidden Gifts
  • Om…Peace..and all that Good Stuff - Happy Working Relationships

I offer special speaker rates for non-profit organizations

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