A couple of years ago I logged into my infrequently used Twitter account one day and found a flurry of messages congratulating me on my nomination. Nomination for what??? Apparently I had been nominated for a FIERCE Woman Award. I was touched that the nomination was in the category most meaningful for me: FIERCE Woman -Mom Extraordinaire. A warm feeling gushed over me and I was surprised by the amount of joy I felt with the nomination. My self worth is not based on accolades and I « Continue »

Awesome Thread on the Soul Filled Cafe

I was asked to be the guest blogger on Heather Gray's Soul Filled Cafe and - W-O-W! The article I wrote sparked a juicy discussion that I want you to be part of... and there were some presents offered too that you can have. Just cuz I love you. Click on the red link below Soul Filled Cafe with Farhana Dhalla       « Continue »

Success is Inevitable


6 months ago I was in the middle of packing and moving my three children and I to another province. The move was understandably met with a mixed bag of emotions for all of us. « Continue »

What Kind of Smooch are We Going to Have?


Here is the link - only available today - on the replay of the interview that Lorna Blake and I had for the Empowered Women International Telesummit  - click here to listen. ----- Soooo.... what are your thoughts about the interview that I just had with Lorna Blake on: EXHALE   -  EMBRACE   -  EMPOWERED I love the synergy I feel with Lorna. You know the feeling...  when you get together with someone, where they sharpen your ax and your sharpen theirs? And ultimately you are both « Continue »