The Holy Gift

Great Power

Truth, Trust & Thailand (Part 2) There is so much to say about what this experience taught me, please forgive the unclever titles as I label them part 1, 2, 3 etc. I have tried with great effort to pull in the many subtle dangling contributing storylines that make up this huge life experience and teaching … I assure you, everything interrelates. We’ve all heard the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination” …. well, in this case, it was both. In the journey as I wrote about in Part 1 « Continue »

How to Move in Accordance To Your Truth

Move In Truth

Truth, Trust and Thailand (Part 1) Just 3.5 yrs ago I was struggling with less than $2 in my bank account. It was summertime and I was trying to figure out how I would stretch that $1.36 for the next 10 days while keeping my kids busy with summer fun activities. I was too embarrassed to tell my family or ask for help so I silently suffered this shame and fear. I was so riddled with pride and shame that I could have never have even accepted their support. Fast forward to a few weeks ago « Continue »

Healing: A Thousand Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Every single day the pain was getting worse, thinking it was ‘just a toothache’, I put it off until a more convenient time for me to deal with it. One day with the pain no longer bearable I went to have it looked at to find out that it was not a root canal as I had thought, it was a neurological condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. Google informed me that this was considered “one of the worst pains known to humankind” and has also been called “the suicide disease” for it’s progressive « Continue »

Your ‘Humility’ is Very Arrogant

Farhana Dhalla - full expression

  As I was reviewing the intake forms from the participants for my program Thank You for Leaving Me - Finding Divinity in Divorce - A 7 Week Journey  I was surprised to learn that almost 40% of the participants are married. And, not all of them are looking to dissolve their relationship. Many are looking to find peace with 'Life'. Many are looking to be more expressed in their Truth. My friend Michael Drew (genius guy... world known book marketer and CEO and Founder of Pendulum in « Continue »

Welcome Lovely One…

Wanna know what I think the hottest ticket in town is? What the most potent way to reach spiritual heights is? What the most desirable quality is in a person? The ability to speak and be TRUTH. Truth as I see it is... Transcendent Real Universal Transformative Hot! ... seriously, truth is purr-kitty sexy! Enjoy my various musings... they are irregularly published and timeless in it's content. I'm glad you are here...   « Continue »

Valentine’s Day, Divorce and Truth


Valentine’s Day – A Day of Endings and Beginnings 5 years ago – exactly on Valentines Day - my marriage came to an abrupt end. It was the day that I knew what I had already known but pretended I didn’t. But now, there was no more pretending. But was it really abrupt? The slow unraveling started some 7 years prior and it felt like there was a jello-like wall between us that was gaining in thickness with each passing year. Each year, each self-development course, each new ‘aha’ « Continue »

Conversations with God… and Neale.

Neale and Farhana

This past week I observed and understood deeper what humility is. And it was delivered in the best way – humility through humor. You’d think I was at a comedy show but I was at Neale Donald Walsch’s Holiday Retreat. Don’t fret if you don’t know who Neale Donald Walsch is… it’s a common affliction. What is more important is that you know the work: Conversations with God. A few years ago when my marriage came to an abrupt end, I was able to stand in the crumbling of everything « Continue »

Awesome Thread on the Soul Filled Cafe

I was asked to be the guest blogger on Heather Gray's Soul Filled Cafe and - W-O-W! The article I wrote sparked a juicy discussion that I want you to be part of... and there were some presents offered too that you can have. Just cuz I love you. Click on the red link below Soul Filled Cafe with Farhana Dhalla       « Continue »

I’m Easy


I’m Easy. Well, not THAT kind of easy … although, in my 20’s… ;-) For a long time now I have been noticing that we reward ‘all that is difficult’. Like, “I studied hard for that exam” and, “It was a rough week” and, “I pulled an all nighter to get this project together for my client.” I am guilty of this. I have patted myself on the back many times for being able to push myself to ‘do the impossible’. I was in love with the idea of always being busy. In the past, I have rewarded myself « Continue »