Recently Separated? Here are 3 MUST READ Tips on How to Cope

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There are more filings for divorce in January than in any other month. Why is that? Is it because people give ‘one last chance’ over the holidays only to find that it is not a workable relationship? Is it the pressure cooker of stress that the holidays bring that sets things off in an irreversible course of action? Is it that people are sick and tired of not living their truth and they refuse to go into another year with their relationship depleting them? Whatever the trigger « Continue »

Your ‘Humility’ is Very Arrogant

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  As I was reviewing the intake forms from the participants for my program Thank You for Leaving Me - Finding Divinity in Divorce - A 7 Week Journey  I was surprised to learn that almost 40% of the participants are married. And, not all of them are looking to dissolve their relationship. Many are looking to find peace with 'Life'. Many are looking to be more expressed in their Truth. My friend Michael Drew (genius guy... world known book marketer and CEO and Founder of Pendulum in « Continue »

Valentine’s Day, Divorce and Truth


Valentine’s Day – A Day of Endings and Beginnings 5 years ago – exactly on Valentines Day - my marriage came to an abrupt end. It was the day that I knew what I had already known but pretended I didn’t. But now, there was no more pretending. But was it really abrupt? The slow unraveling started some 7 years prior and it felt like there was a jello-like wall between us that was gaining in thickness with each passing year. Each year, each self-development course, each new ‘aha’ « Continue »

Awesome Thread on the Soul Filled Cafe

I was asked to be the guest blogger on Heather Gray's Soul Filled Cafe and - W-O-W! The article I wrote sparked a juicy discussion that I want you to be part of... and there were some presents offered too that you can have. Just cuz I love you. Click on the red link below Soul Filled Cafe with Farhana Dhalla       « Continue »

Author Delivers Spiritual Journey

Author delivers spiritual journey By Sian Pilkington — Airdrie Echo Echo Contributor   Thirteen years old, in the deepest darkest depths of first kisses, outrageous angry outbursts and changing body, I had a very special friend who lived under my bed along with the other various secrets that I hoped to keep away from my mother. My journal was my best friend. I, always the conversationalist of course, enjoyed the one-way dialogue, the lack of judgement, the open ear that it « Continue »

I Wanna Write a Book… Someday


Have you ever uttered those words? Have you ever dared to think those words? And...? Where is your book? I silently wished to be an author and then, I tepidly said those words out loud and then, YEARS later I did write and publish my book Thank You for Leaving Me. It wasn’t the book I thought I was going to write, but it was the book that needed to be written. And because it was the book that needed to be written, it came out rapidly. Thrilled that the book has been received with « Continue »

What Kind of Smooch are We Going to Have?


Here is the link - only available today - on the replay of the interview that Lorna Blake and I had for the Empowered Women International Telesummit  - click here to listen. ----- Soooo.... what are your thoughts about the interview that I just had with Lorna Blake on: EXHALE   -  EMBRACE   -  EMPOWERED I love the synergy I feel with Lorna. You know the feeling...  when you get together with someone, where they sharpen your ax and your sharpen theirs? And ultimately you are both « Continue »

Farhana Dhalla as the Next Top Spiritual Author


Probably one of the boldest things I have ever done is throw my hat into the ring at the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition... it forced me to get in front of the camera (here is my inaugural experience), it forced me to get a blog (voila!) and it moved me into the wonderful world of Facebook! Up until that time I had a big, BIG, hangup around technology and actually contemplated whether I could be the person that went their whole life without ever using a computer. (there are those « Continue »