A couple of years ago I logged into my infrequently used Twitter account one day and found a flurry of messages congratulating me on my nomination. Nomination for what??? Apparently I had been nominated for a FIERCE Woman Award. I was touched that the nomination was in the category most meaningful for me: FIERCE Woman -Mom Extraordinaire. A warm feeling gushed over me and I was surprised by the amount of joy I felt with the nomination. My self worth is not based on accolades and I « Continue »

Success is Inevitable


6 months ago I was in the middle of packing and moving my three children and I to another province. The move was understandably met with a mixed bag of emotions for all of us. « Continue »

3 No Brainer Steps to Presence


I often go on Digital Diets And guess how much I lose? Nothing. Not one thing! I gain. Because I'm not in touch ‘out there’, I become more in touch ‘in here’. The subtle knowings and lessons from Spirit are able to reach my usually hustin' and bustlin' mind. I deepen into an area of trust in my own life and effortlessly roll with life’s events in a way that surprise. And because my time is not distracted by my cherished iphone and computer, I have time to really listen to my « Continue »

Farhana Dhalla as the Next Top Spiritual Author


Probably one of the boldest things I have ever done is throw my hat into the ring at the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition... it forced me to get in front of the camera (here is my inaugural experience), it forced me to get a blog (voila!) and it moved me into the wonderful world of Facebook! Up until that time I had a big, BIG, hangup around technology and actually contemplated whether I could be the person that went their whole life without ever using a computer. (there are those « Continue »