Speak from your heart and I will be an avid listener

-  Dale Carnegie

When we are authentic we are powerful.

Frequently speeches are cluttered with excessive Power Point or gimmicky approaches to engage the audience. The power of the spoken word is often lost with over stimulating gadgets.

We must never underestimate the impact of a message given deep from the heart.

As a top Dale Carnegie Trainer for a number of years one thing I know for sure, a clear understanding of the message you want to deliver, good structure and a confident you will engage an audience like no powerpoint will ever do. I can help you achieve your 'bam' in all three of these essential elements. 

The confidence I now feel every time I step in front of an audience is directly related to your guidance, suggestions and vast experience in this field. Thank you so much for the priceless gift you have given me. Jack Thurston, Suncor Energy 

We will develop your:

1. Content - Isolate the key messages and use powerful examples to bring your message alive to your audience

2. Structure - Determine the format that would be most engaging and suitable for your audience

3. Delivery - Deliver your speech in a magnetic, powerful style that is natural and authentic to you

When I was faced with the daunting task of writing and delivering a one -hour keynote, I instinctively knew who to call. Farhana had exactly the experience and expertise that I needed. Together we worked on scripting and sculpting a powerful and dynamic presentation.  ~ Fran Hewitt, Author of The Power of Focus for Women

Want to be a Grrreeaat Workshop Leader and Speaker?

Do you have a workshop that you would like help finessing to ensure you have your audiences completely engaged and your teaching principles successfully transfered with adult learning principles? Call me, this is my thing 😉

Farhana, thank you for your help with developing my workshop material. You have provided a solid foundation from which I continually build upon. Prior to us working together, my material had no flow, structure or animation. With these key components now in place, I consistently receive positive feedback from my workshop participants. I’ve even had people re-attend with a guest because they enjoyed the workshop so much. How can you put a price tag on that? You cannot. Georgina Forrest, Smartworks! Office Organizing Services

So, do you...

  • have a talk or presentation coming up that you want to just totally rock the audience with?
  • have a really good idea what you want to talk about but have no idea how to structure your talk or workshop?
  • know that you need to loosen up and just be yourself in front of the audience?

I can help...

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