The Story of SPLAT!!

The Story of Splat

A fellow comes to a fork in the road and sees a Guru. He asks the Guru to tell him the way to success.

The Guru points down one road. He thanks the Guru and skips off merrily down the road.

And then… SPLAT!

The man comes back limping and visibly shaken up.

He asks the Guru again to tell him the road to success.

The Guru points down the same road.

With trepidation the man limps down that road.

And then… SPLAT!

He drags himself back with bruises and a bleeding lip

He says to the Guru “Guruji, tell me the road to success and this time please talk”

The Guru points down the same road and replies “Just past the SPLAT”

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Farhana DhallaFarhana Dhalla is the ultimate ‘go to’ person for shifting perspective. Her philosophy of seeing that everything is done FOR you versus to you is the paradigm shift that helps people unlock the gifts of their situation and liberate them into living more enriching lives. Along with being a mom to 3 expressive children, she is an Enlightened Divorce Coach, Speaker and Author of the #1 International Best Selling Book Thank You for Leaving Me.


  1. […] Click here to read the Story of Splat […]

  2. […] Click here to read the Story of Splat […]

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